LiteBlue USPS Login – Change Address Guide

US Mail Service is also famous as United States Postal Services, is an independent part of the US Federal Government. This organization is also the Country’s only responsible Postal service system operating in the insular regions approved and authorised by the constitution. Apart from just delivering mails and services to satisfied residents, the Postal Department also considers employees seriously. With an aim to deliver continuous and flawless delivery service, LiteBlue USPS Login is here to an online portal to enable the employed citizens to communicate faster and stay connected within the postal departments.

LiteBlue USPS

Lite Blue USPS Login

Let us read more about wherein you can check for your employee details by LiteBlue USPS Login and check USPS Lite Blue Epayroll. is a dedicated gateway for employees of United States Postal Service across the United States. This site can only be accessed by those who have authorized Employee ID and Password. This platform enables users to connect the services, news and control the communication flow between the working teams and services within the country. Register Amex Gift Card

LiteBlue.USPS.GOV epayroll

Detailing about career development, service performance, and revenue, products and recognition, all the things you need to know are available in this portal. By the means of this portal, users can also have access to PortalEASE where they can check and change their benefits selections during an open season for us postal service employee website and lite blue postal ease website.

LiteBlue USPS Login

  • As of April 28, 2014, use your SSP Password for Self Service Web applications; Employees are to use their USPS Personal Identification Number (PIN) for Self Service IVRs (Interactive Voice Response Systems).
  • To log on to LIteBlue, users have to use their Employee ID and USPS Self Service Password.
  • Employee ID is available at the top of Earnings Statement which is an 8-digit number.
  • In case, you have forgotten your Self Service Password (SSP) to access your Self- Service Profile Application, Click here. Employees Login

liteblue usps login

Once you make a USPS Liteblue Login, you can check the employee-related services and information including schedule, paystub, benefits, etc. Employees can also view their Previous requests, Edit Personal Details, such as Residential Address, Name, Email, Contact Number, daily work activities, Notices, and instructions, etc.

Just Like every other organization, records are kept and maintained online where they can regularly check in to view their status and account. It is quite a heavy task to handle over 5000 employees across the US, but at LiteBlue.USPS.Gov it gets pretty easier.

Read down the sections and come to know how you can view your Payment Slips, your Timetable, and get other related information login page.

Liteblue USPS Login Change Address

Multiple of thousands of USPS employees can have access to their accounts once they are designated as employees of this US-based organization. All the 650000 engaged workers can have easy access to their accounts online at postal e payroll.

United States Postal Service Employee Login:

  • Income & USPS paystubs Details monthly.
  • Managing Postal Ease Payroll and Schedule Planning
  • Daily Schedule and Company Work Hours.
  • Handling your LiteBlue Contacts.
  • Submission of Personal Feedback & Complaints.
  • Company’s Future Plans & Goals.
  • Work Details and assigned targets.

To Register at LiteBlue USPS Gov:  

  • Employees would need a unique Id and Password to LiteBlue USPS sign in.
  • The 8-Digit Employee ID can be found at the top of the Earnings Statement on the Identity Card.
  • While Password can be used for all USPS Services like ideas, eOPF, reassign, PostalEASE.
  • This portal can be used for Employee login and can only be accessed by employees elsewhere. If other people try to access the authorization page, they stand liable to be prosecuted legally by the Appropriate State authorities.
  • For the fresh registrations, employees will receive the Password from the HR Team of USPS.
  • This is a temporary password, users can update it later once their account is active and is in operation.
  • Employees need to ensure their password is safe and strong at Also, verify Epayitonline Pay Medical Bills

Recommended Combination for Password: A mix of Upper Case, Lower Case Letters, Numbers & Special Symbols (Alpha-Numeric Characters)

How to Lite Blue USPS Login

  • Visit the URL, “” and head to page where you are prompted to put your Employee ID and Password.
  • Submit the same and you can access your dashboard easily by using the LiteBlue USPS Login.
  • Some of the other features that are visible on your dashboard are Pension programmes, health Insurance Plans, and Students Education Plans.
  • Attention: Your SSP Password is different from your USPS ACE Password for LiteBlue USPS Login. Support and Phone Number

  • For unexpected or suspicious activity on your user account, users are advised to report to the authority at Email: or call at 1-866-877-7247.
  • In case of having difficulty regarding your Profile, you can contact HR-Shared Service Centre at 1-877-477-3273.

Frequently Asked Questions @

Q: What are the well-known Features of Liteblue USPS?

A: Paystub: that displays your monthly payment details. Schedule: Update, change, schedule, manage daily timetable, and tasks, etc.

Q: How Do I Sign in to my Liteblue USPS account?

A: Using your Employee Id as Login Id and Password.

Q: What is My Lite blue USPS Login id?

A: It is an 8-Digit Employee Id displayed at the top of earning’s Statement.

Q: What is my Temporary Password?

A: This is a login password that is given by the USPS HR team to the employees after creation of account.

Q: What happens if I don’t create a new password for LiteBlue USPS?

A: Users cannot be able to access their Liteblue, eOPF, and other HR Services.

Q: Where and how do I create my new Password for LiteBlue USPS?

A: Follow the URL, and read the given instructions.   

Q: What is the Self-Service Profile (SSP)?

SSP or Self-service Profile is a Safe and secure Platform that allows Liteblue employees to manage login all USPS Application. ( eIDEAS, eOPF, PostalEASE, eReassign, Liteblue Login).

Q: How do I Confirm that changes to my Lite blue USPS Login Profile are made?

A: You’ll get a confirmation email form Liteblue direct to your email ID registered at Liteblue USPS Login portal. This email id can also be used to reset or recover the forgotten password.

Q: What is the use of SSP Password?

A: SSP Password is useful for accessing all the USPS Services like Liteblue USPS Login Portal, along with eReassign, eIDEAS, eOPF, etc.

Q: What is USPS Hold Mail & How to start USPS Hold Mail Feature?

A: This facility of s liteblue usps gov holds mail to contain the mails when you go holidays and the limit of USPS Hold Mail is from 3 days to a Maximum of 30 days. All the important emails are stored in the file and can be checked and returned once you stop USPS Hold Mail Process.

Q: How LiteBlue USPS Login Address Change?

A: Refer to the above detail we mention already for LiteBlue USPS Login.

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